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Authentic Masculine Mastery

for Men of Faith

Men's Mentor & Spiritual Guide

Jesse Dvorak

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I mentor men of faith…

Who are tired of feeling lost and directionless in life and/or in their relationships…


Are ready to fully embody their masculine power…

Create vision for an inspired life…

And have a clearly defined plan of action in place…

So they can move forward feeling confident, secure, purposeful and empowered. 

The following steps are customizable to your needs. 

Some steps below will have more emphasis than others depending on the individual need.

In this two month program I will help you…

Step 1:

We take spiritual and practical inventory of your life, which affords you to take full responsibility for your situation.

This will empower you to take direct ACTION rather than waiting around for someone else to save you.

Step 2:

Using the "Mythic Man" process, we'll create a positive and negative vision to clarify your desired life.

Then, we'll develop a plan with simple daily tools to help you achieve it. 

Step 3:

Through various somatic, breathing, meditation & writing practices, we'll heal your nervous system, remove mental blocks, rewire old patterns,

and transform fear, doubt, and anxiety into confidence, propelling you forward with purpose and momentum.


Step 4:

My "King's Captive" method will help you reconnect with your romantic partner by activating your ancient masculine energy, vaulting you to become the man she respects, desires, and adores, leading to a thriving relationship.


The Two Month Mentorship Program:

Weekly zoom calls


Develop a clear defined plan to build your life with accountability


Somatic, embodiment, and re-storying practices. 




Deep meditation exercises to change mindset and beliefs to remove blocks getting in the way of your progress. 


Access to reach out to me for support

in between meetings via telegram, FB messenger, signal, etc.

Conscious Warrior Within
8 week program for Men

This is a program is for the individual man
who needs clarity and direction. 

This is essential for the man who feels
disconnected from his masculinity. 

We move you from avoidant, passive, and scared
to fully embodying your masculine energ
driving you towards your greatness.

Song of Songs
8 week program for couples

This hybrid program is uniquely crafted for 
the couples t
hat are struggling. 

Based upon the Divine Romantic poem
The Song of Songs from scripture...

I work one on one with the man,
while also inviting the woman
in alternating weeks for joint couples mentorship...

restoring trust, dissolving emotional walls, and spiritually uniting your love with a

thrilling vision of your future together.



Work with Me.
Reshape Your Life.

The type of men who get the best results from my program is a man who….


Knows he has more to offer himself and the world.


Has lost genuine connection to himself, God, his wife/girlfriend, and is ready to change for good.


Has created a life that feels empty in spite of how it looks to the outside world. 


Wants to ignite a woman’s heart and desire for him. 


Is confused about their purpose and is suffering without a clear vision of the life they are creating.


Has been missing an authentic masculine connection to be a guiding influence for them to model.


Has tried groups, counselors, etc to overcome his destructive habits, but nothing has worked. 


Is ready to overcome his fears and create an inspiring life. 


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