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The Story so far...

I was born in Nebraska, and bounced around a lot throughout my childhood, making stops in Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, and New Mexico and now California. 

I have spent over 10 years working as a filmmaker in Los Angeles, directing 2 feature films and working on a ton of commercial projects for clients like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Vogue, Disney, and countless others. 

I'm also a writer, musician, and entrepreneur. 

I would say I've been deeply involved in "self-development" and spiritual care for well over 20 years, although I didn't even realize it. I just thought it was life. 

I would read books, practice mindfulness, journal, pray, and was a constant seeker of truth. 

I was searching and exploring the mysteries of God in art, relationships, scripture, ancient traditions, and nature.

I grew up in the Western modern church context, and when I would be struggling, I rarely found myself getting the advice, counsel, or tools that actually provided impacting change in my life. 

Similarly, I had been to countless therapists. I was prescribed drugs for clinical depression and anxiety.


The truth is, of all the therapist I had visited (starting at age 12), they were all pretty much worthless except for one. Thank God for him, because he was a huge blessing to me as I was going through my divorce. 

The issue was that I knew something was wrong in my life. I was a believer in Jesus, but my life felt like a mess. My spirit was off.


My heart, my mind, my actions were not consistent. It felt broken, and the proof was not only in how I felt within my own being, but in the external reality of my life. 

Addiction. Severe Depression. Divorce. Suicidal. 

I eventually found my way into what's basically called "Men's work". This involved somatic exercises, breath work, and energetics. This is what began to transform my entire being. 

As I dug deeper, I found that many of the practices done in modern men's circles are rooted in ancient cultures, and also throughout scripture. The Western church has lost touch with many of its spiritual and ritualistic roots, which had always been a part of God's healing. 

I've been blessed with literal visions and transcendent experiences.  I don't share this in any sort of ego-centric superiority, but just in holy reverence and gratitude. I can't promise it for anyone else, but I just know for me these moments have been windows into the Spiritual realm that confirm many truths written in Scripture.

The work that I've experienced has broken addictions, completely re-written my internal code to connect and provide more of my heart to others and the world. 

God laid it upon my heart, that I first had to go through the deep work and healing myself. 

Ultimately, to know Him in true intimacy and power. 

I see many other who feel distant from God and have a visceral reaction to engaging in church, even though deep down they want to be closer to God. They want meaningful relationships. They want to feel the purpose and passion in their soul, but the answers they've gotten from church have failed them. 

God hasn't failed them. We've just lost connections to valuable practices and effective spiritual work in our modern, fear-based church culture. 

God has put it on my heart to be a servant, mentor, and guide to these men. 

If any of my story sounds like yours, I just want you to know I understand the frustration, agony, pain, and even apathy.


You wanted to know God.


You wanted to break free of your patterns, and live in the freedom that is promised by Christ... but just came up short. 

I cannot wait to come alongside you and help with the tools I was never given. I went on the journey and discovered them, seeing these ancient, elemental truths based in holy scripture. 

I'm talking about real and authentic masculine development.

I'm talking about true spiritual connection and healing your relationships, starting with God. 

I'm talking about the kind of transformation that takes root and lasts. 

You are in the right place.


I am a living testament to how God gives himself to those who seek him.


Your story can be one of victory as well. 

- Jesse Dvorak



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